自然科学版 英文版
自然科学版 英文版
自然科学版 英文版

Journal of Central South University


Vol. 22    No. 10    October 2015

Materials, Metallurgy, Chemical and Environmental Engineering
Influence of precipitation on recrystallization texture ofAA3104 aluminum alloy HUANG Yuan-chun(黄元春), LI Qing(李青), XIAO Zheng-bing(肖政兵), LIU Yu(刘宇), ZHANG Huan-huan(张欢欢) 3683
Electrodeposition of aluminum and aluminum-magnesium alloys atroom temperature KAN Hong-min(阚洪敏), ZHU Shan-shan(祝跚珊), ZHANG Ning(张宁), WANG Xiao-yang(王晓阳) 3689
Mechanical responses, texture and microstructural evolution ofhigh purity aluminum deformed by equal channel angular pressing WANG Bing-feng(汪冰峰), SUN Jie-ying(孙杰英), ZOU Jin-dian(邹金佃), VINCENT Sherman, LI Juan(李娟) 3698
Comparison of wear behavior of ABS and Nylon6-Fe powder composite parts prepared with fused deposition modelling Harish Kumar Garg, Rupinder Singh 3705
Impingement capability of high-pressure submerged water jet:Numerical prediction and experimental verification LIU Hai-xia(刘海霞), SHAO Qi-ming(邵启明), KANG Can(康灿), GONG Chen(龚辰) 3712
Effects of laser heat treatment on salt spray corrosion of1Cr5Mo heat resistant steel welding joints KONG De-jun(孔德军), GUO Wei(郭卫) 3722
Influence of relative positions between RF coil and crucible onsapphire crystals by edge-defined film-fed growth (EFG) technique WU Xiao-feng(吴小凤), YAO Zheng-jun(姚正军), PEI Guang-qing(裴广庆), LUO Xi-xi(罗西希), XU Shang-jun(徐尚君), LIN Yu-hua(林玉划), YANG Hong-qin(杨红勤) 3731
Structural features of substituted triazole-linked chalcone derivatives asantimalarial activities against D10 strains of Plasmodium falciparum:A QSAR approach Mukesh C. Sharma 3738
Comparison of deep desulfurization methods in alumina production process LIU Zhan-wei(刘战伟), LI Wang-xing(李旺兴), MA Wen-hui(马文会), YIN Zhong-lin(尹中林), WU Guo-bao(武国宝) 3745
Stepwise dissolution of chalcopyrite bioleaching bythermophile A.manzaensis and mesophile L. ferriphilum GU Guo-hua(顾帼华), XIONG Xian-xue(熊先学), HU Ke-ting(胡可婷), LI Shuang-ke(李双棵), WANG Chong-qing(王重庆) 3751
usage of Iranian scoria for copper andcadmium removal from aqueous solutions Sara Seyfi, Amir Reza Azadmehr, Mahdi Gharabaghi, Abbas Maghsoudi 3760
Assessment of temporal and spatial variations in surface water quality using multivariate statistical techniques: a case study of Nenjiang River basin, China ZHENG Li-yan(郑力燕), YU Hong-bing(于宏兵), WANG Qi-shan(王启山) 3770
Advanced treatment of biologically pretreated coking wastewater byintensified zero-valent iron process (IZVI) combined withanaerobic filter and biological aerated filter (AF/BAF) PAN Lu-ting(潘碌亭), HAN Yue(韩悦), WU Jin-feng(吴锦峰) 3781
Comparison of heavy metal removal efficiencies infour activated sludge processes YANG Jun(杨军), GAO Ding(高定), CHEN Tong-bin(陈同斌), LEI Mei(雷梅), ZHENG Guo-di(郑国砥), ZHOU Xiao-yong(周小勇) 3788
Effect of precipitation condition on photosynthesis and biomass accumulation and referring to splash erosion status in five typical evergreen tree species in humid monsoon climatic region of subtropical hill-land YU Wei-qing(余蔚青), WANG Yun-qi(王云琦), WANG Yu-jie(王玉杰), ZHANG Hui-lan(张会兰), WANG Bin(王彬), LIU Yong(刘勇) 3795
Mechanical Engineering, Control Science and Information Engineering
Dynamic load sharing characteristics and sun gear radial orbits ofdouble-row planetary gear train SHENG Dong-ping(盛冬平), ZHU Ru-peng(朱如鹏), JIN Guang-hu(靳广虎), LU Feng-xia(陆凤霞), BAO He-yun(鲍和云) 3806
Thermo-mechanical analysis of an SI engine piston usingdifferent boundary condition treatments Amir-Hasan Kakaee, Javad Gharloghi, Aliasghar Foroughifar, Abdoreza Khanlari 3817
Thermo-mechanical properties of bowl-shaped grinding wheel andmachining error compensation for grinding indexable inserts ZHANG Xiang-lei(张祥雷), YAO Bin(姚斌), CHEN Bin-qiang(陈彬强), SUN Wei-fang(孙维方), WANG Meng-meng(王萌萌), LUO Qi(罗琪) 3830
Numerical investigations on HCCI engine withincreased induction induced swirl and engine speed T. Karthikeya Sharma, G. Amba Prasad Rao, K. Madhu Murthy 3837
Noise degradation system using Wiener filter andCORDIC based FFT/IFFT processor Yasodai A, Ramprasad A V 3849
Defects detection in typical positions ofbend pipes using low-frequency ultrasonic guided wave LUO Geng-sheng(罗更生), TAN Jian-ping(谭建平), WANG Liang(汪亮), XU Yan(许焰) 3860
Automated visual position detection and adjustment foroptical waveguide chips and optical fiber arrays ZHENG Yu(郑煜), KAI Xiao-chao(开小超), DUAN Ji-an(段吉安), LI Bai-bing(李白冰) 3868
Design and testing of a centralized protection scheme for micro-grids Sohrab Mirsaeidi, Dalila Mat Said, Mohammad Wazir Mustafa, Mohammad Hafiz Habibuddin, Kimia Ghaffari 3876
Effect of wall temperature and random distribution ofmicro organic dust particles on their combustion parameters M.Bidabadi,E.Yaghoubi, M.Harati, Gh.Shahryari, B.Akhoondian 3888
Numerical simulation of effect of bionic V-riblet non-smooth surface ontire anti-hydroplaning ZHOU Hai-chao(周海超), WANG Guo-lin(王国林), YANG Jian(杨建), XUE Kai-xin(薛开鑫) 3900
An improved self-adaptive membrane computing optimization algorithm andits applications in residue hydrogenating model parameter estimation LU Hui-bin(芦会彬), BO Cui-mei(薄翠梅), YANG Shi-pin(杨世品) 3909
Traffic danger detection by visual attention model of sparse sampling XIA Li-min(夏利民), LIU Tao(刘涛), TAN Lun-zheng(谭论正) 3916
Analysis of DoD inkjet printhead performance forprintable electronics fabrication using dynamic lumped element modeling andswarm intelligence based optimal prediction HE Mao-wei(何茂伟), SUN Li-ling(孙丽玲), HU Kun-yuan(胡琨元), ZHU Yun-long(朱云龙), CHEN Han-ning(陈瀚宁) 3925
Maneuvering target track-before-detect viamultiple-model Bernoulli particle filter ZHAN Rong-hui(占荣辉), LIU Sheng-qi(刘盛启), HU Jie-min(胡杰民), ZHANG Jun(张军) 3935
A new backtracking-based sparsity adaptive algorithm fordistributed compressed sensing XU Yong(徐勇), ZHANG Yu-Jie(张玉洁), XING Jing(邢婧), LI Hong-wei(李宏伟) 3946
Optimization of assembly line balancing using genetic algorithm N. Barathwaj, P. Raja, S. Gokulraj 3957
Design and parametric optimization of thermal management oflithium-ion battery module with reciprocating air-flow LIU Yan-ping(刘燕平), OUYANG Chen-zhi(欧阳陈志), JIANG Qing-bai(江清柏), LIANG Bo(梁波) 3970
Game theoretic analysis for pricing-based incentive mechanism in non-dedicated cooperative relay networks ZHANG Chuang(张闯), ZHAO Hong-lin(赵洪林),JIA Min(贾敏) 3977
A novel model for cost performance evaluation of pulverized coal injected into blast furnace based on effective calorific value XU Run-sheng(徐润生), ZHANG Jian-liang(张建良), ZUO Hai-bin(左海滨), LI Ke-jiang(李克江), SONG Teng-fei(宋腾飞), SHAO Jiu-gang(邵久刚) 3990
Geological, Civil, Energy and Traffic Engineering
Intensity measures for seismic liquefaction hazard evaluation of sloping site CHEN Zhi-xiong(陈志雄), CHENG Yin(程印), XIAO Yang(肖杨), LU Liang(卢谅), YANG Yang(阳洋) 3999
Consolidation analysis of composite foundation withpartially penetrated cement fly-ash gravel (CFG) piles underchanging permeable boundary conditions ZOU Xin-jun(邹新军), ZHAO Zeng-ming(赵增明), XU Dong-bin(徐洞斌) 4019
Vertical drainage capacity of new electrical drainage board on improvement ofsuper soft clayey ground Shen Yang(沈扬), Li Yan-de(励彦德), Huang Wen-jun(黄文君), Xu Hai-dong(徐海东), Hu Pin-fei(胡品飞) 4027
Low cyclic fatigue performance of concrete-filled steel tube columns QIN Peng(秦鹏), TAN Yang(谭杨), XIAO Yan(肖岩) 4035
Mechanical response of bridge piles in high-steep slopes and sensitivity study ZHAO Heng(赵衡), YIN Ping-bao(尹平保), LI Xi-bing(李夕兵) 4043
Progressive failure processes of reinforced slopes based ongeneral particle dynamic method ZHAO Yi(赵毅), ZHOU Xiao-ping(周小平), QIAN Qi-hu(钱七虎) 4049
Numerical analysis and field monitoring tests onshallow tunnels under weak surrounding rock LIU Jian-hua(刘建华), LIU Xiao-ming(刘晓明), ZHANG Yong-jie(张永杰), XIAO Ting(肖庭) 4056
Mechanical response features and failure process ofsoft surrounding rock around deeply buried three-centered arch tunnel ZHAO Yu(赵瑜), ZHANG Zhi-gang(张志刚) 4064
Zonal disintegration mechanism ofisotropic rock masses around a deep spherical tunnel GU Xin-bao(谷新保), BI Jing(毕靖), XU Ming(许明) 4074
Upper bound seismic rotational stability analysis of gravity retaining walls considering embedment depth Liu Jie(刘杰), Huang Da(黄达), Yang Chao(杨超), Sun Sha(孙莎) 4083
Size effect on cubic and prismatic compressive strength of cement paste SU Jie(苏捷), YE Jin-yao(叶缙垚), FANG Zhi(方志),ZHAO Ming-hua(赵明华) 4090

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