自然科学版 英文版
自然科学版 英文版
自然科学版 英文版

Journal of Central South University


Vol. 23    No. 1    January 2016

Materials, Metallurgy, Chemical and Environmental Engineering
Calcium phosphate deposition on surface of porous and dense TiNi alloys in simulated body fluid LiuJue(刘珏), Liu Chao(刘超), Li Jing(李婧), Liu Min(刘敏), Ruan Jian-ming(阮建明) 1
Analysis of 13Cr bloom solidification structure using CA-FE model ZHAI Ying-ying(翟莹莹), MA Bei-yue(马北越), LI Ying(厉英), JIANG Zheng-yi(姜正义) 10
Room temperature gas sensor based ontube-like hydroxyapatite modified with gold nanoparticles LUO Lan-lan(罗兰兰), LIU Yong(刘咏), TAN Yan-ni(谭彦妮), LI Hui-xia(李会霞), ZHANG Qing(张青), LI Kun(李昆) 18
Delamination analysis of woven fabrication laminates usingcohesive zone model Mohsen Moslemi, MohammadrezaKhoshravan azar 27
Kinetic study on leaching of nickelfromTurkish lateritic ore in nitric acid solution Tevfik AGACAYAK, Veysel ZEDEF, Ali ARAS 39
Numerical simulation of chemical vapor deposition reaction inpolysilicon reduction furnace XIA Xiao-xia(夏小霞), WANG Zhi-qi(王志奇), LIU Bin(刘斌) 44
Effect and mechanism of siderite on reverse anionic flotation ofquartz from hematite LUO Xi-mei(罗溪梅), YIN Wan-zhong(印万忠), WANG Yun-fan(王云帆), SUN Chuan-yao(孙传尧), MA Ying-qiang(马英强), LIU Jian(刘建) 52
Rapid and simultaneous determination of ten off-flavor compounds inwater by headspace solid phase microextraction andgas chromatography-mass spectrometry ZOU Pan(邹攀), WANG Lin(王琳), YANG Zhao-guang(杨兆光), LEE Hsiaowan(李小婉), LI Hai-pu(李海普) 59
Mechanical Engineering, Control Science and Information Engineering
Effect of gear teeth finishing method on properties ofteeth surface layer and its resistance to pitting wear creation Jan Zwolak, ArkadiuszPalczak 68
Integrity of grinding face-gear with worm wheel TANG Jin-yuan(唐进元), CUI Wei(崔伟), ZHOU Heng(周恒), YIN Feng(尹凤) 77
Bifurcation and chaos study on transverse-torsional coupled 2k-h planetary gear train with multiple clearances SHENG Dong-ping(盛冬平), ZHU Ru-peng(朱如鹏), JIN Guang-hu(靳广虎), LU Feng-xia(陆凤霞), BAO He-yun(鲍和云) 86
Influence of cutter diameter on meshing performance in spiral bevel gears MA Zhi-hao(马志浩), HAN Xing-hui(韩星会), HUA Lin(华林), XIONG Xiao-shuang(熊小双), ZHENG Fang-yan(郑方焱) 102
Filtering algorithm and direction identification inrelative position estimation based on induction loop-cable DOU Feng-shan(窦峰山), DAI Chun-hui(戴春辉), XIE Yun-de(谢云德) 112
Effect of inlet temperature and equivalence ratio onHCCI engine performance fuelled with ethanol: Numerical investigation Alireza Rahbari 122
A new approach for real time object detection and tracking onhigh resolution and multi-camera surveillance videos using GPU Mohammad Farukh Hashmi, Ritu Pal,RajatSaxena, Avinash G. Keskar 130
Voice activity detection based on deep belief networks using likelihood ratio KIM Sang-Kyun, PARK Young-Jin, LEESangmin 145
A method for improving graph queries processing using positional inverted index (P.I.I) idea in search engines and parallelization techniques Hamed Dinari, Hassan Naderi 150
Emotional inference by means of Choquet integral andλ-fuzzymeasurement in consideration of ambiguity of human mentality KWON Il-kyoung, LEE Sang-yong 160
Characteristics analysis and library development forpiezoelectric transformer to drive aballast for a 35W class fluorescent lamp using PSPICEmodeling KIM Young-Choon 169
A novel hybrid algorithm based on a harmony search andartificial bee colony for solving a portfolio optimization problem using a mean-semi variance approach Seyed Mohammad Seyedhosseini, Mohammad Javad Esfahani, Mehdi Ghaffari 181
Geological, Civil, Energy and Traffic Engineering
Theoretical generalization of Markov chain random field frompotential function perspective HUANG Xiang(黄翔), WANG Zhi-zhong(王志忠), GUO Jian-hua(郭建华) 189
Characteristics of unsteady flow in porous media whileconsidering threshold pressure gradient with Green’s function CAO Ren-yi(曹仁义), CHEN Ling(陈岭), Y. Zee Ma, LIU Xue-ying(刘雪莹), YU Bai-hui(于柏慧) 201
Determination of reasonable finished state of self-anchored suspension bridges LI Jian-hui(李建慧), FENG Dong-ming(冯东明), LI Ai-qun(李爱群), YUAN Hui-hui(袁辉辉) 209
Vertical vibration of a floating pile in a saturatedviscoelastic soil layer overlaying bedrock CUI Chun-yi(崔春义), ZHANG Shi-ping(张石平), YANG Gang(杨刚), LI Xiao-fei(李晓飞) 220
Effects of friction variability on isolation performance of rolling-spring systems WEI Biao(魏标), WANG Peng(王鹏), YANG Tian-han(杨添涵), DAI Gong-lian(戴公连), JIANG Li-zhong(蒋丽忠), WEN Ying(文颖) 233
Oil–water two-phase flow pattern analysis withERT based measurement and multivariate maximum Lyapunov exponent TAN Chao(谭超), WANG Na-na(王娜娜), DONG Feng(董峰) 240

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